Cabo Verde ratifies visa waiver agreement for ordinary passports with Mozambique

The Cape Verdean government ratified the visa waiver agreement on ordinary passports between the Cape Verdean and Mozambican governments, adopted in Maputo on 21 February 2014, said the Minister of State and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Fernando Elísio Freire.

Freire also said that this is a very important decision for the government and a step towards the improvement of mobility between countries in order to achieve the strategic objective of the Cape Verdean government on free movement within the Community of Portuguese-speaking Countries (CPLP).

The minister gave the example of Angola, which is also exempting Cape Verdean citizens from visas, proving that the CPLP space is becoming one of free movement, noting that, in the meantime, Cabo Verde is one of the few countries in the Community that has created the Status of Lusophone Citizen.

Cabo Verde will exempt citizens of the European Union and the United Kingdom from visas, a measure expected to come into force in May, and is also working to apply the same measure to citizens of the United States, Canada and European countries such as Switzerland.

The agreement for ordinary visa exemption between Angola and Mozambique comes into force on 15 February. The document that was signed in November 2017 during a visit by the Interior Minister of Mozambique, Jaime Basílio Monteiro, to Angola. (macauhub)