Typhoon damage in Macau leads to losses of US$1.57 billion

23 February 2018

Typhoon Hato, which hit Macau on 23 August 2017, caused direct and indirect economic losses estimated at 12.55 billion patacas (US$1.57 billion), according to an upward review of the preliminary estimate prepared by the region’s Statistics and Census Bureau (DSEC).

The most recent figures point to direct economic losses of 9.05 billion patacas and indirect ones of 3.50 billion patacas, against the previous estimate of 8.31 billion patacas for direct economic losses and 3.16 billion patacas for indirect losses.

Typhoon Hato, the most devastating to hit Macau in the last 18 years, left 10 people dead and 244 wounded and a trail of destruction including houses and commercial spaces and partially or totally destroyed around 20,000 trees. (macauhub)