Application of the Macau Financial Reserve provides a return of 4.8% in 2017

2 March 2018

The application of the Macau Financial Reserve in financial products in 2017 provided an income of 22.07 billion patacas (US$2.75 billion), or an annual yield of about 4.8% according to the Monetary Authority of Macau (AMCM).

The Macau Financial Reserve stood at 490 billion patacas (US$61.2 billion) at the end of last year, an increase of 11.7% year-on-year, with a base reserve of US$127.9 billion. patacas and an extraordinary reserve of 362.1 billion patacas.

The AMCM also reported that, in view of an additional focus on stock market applications, as well as the growth seen in these markets and Class A shares, these investments accounted for around 70% of total revenues, totalling 15.11 billion patacas.

Investments in debt securities resulted in a return of 4.5 billion patacas, with the Monetary Authority of Macau having reduced its investment portfolio and optimised overall asset performance through diversified allocation and adjustment of renewal periods.

Foreign exchange investments were the only segment to record capital losses, with a loss of 1.69 billion patacas, according to the investment income analysis of the Macau Financial Reserve in 2017. (macauhub)