The government of Mozambique extends concession period for the port of Beira

7 March 2018

The Mozambican government has approved a 10-year extension on the management concession for the port of Beira, in Sofala province, to Cornelder de Moçambique, the Council of MiMinister’spokesperson said on Tuesday in Maputo.

Ana Comoana said that the approval from the Council of Ministers includes a recommendation that the company making the investments needed to increase the processing capacity of the container and multipurpose terminals at the port in the provincial capital.

“It is hoped that with the investments to be made by the concessionaire the port of Beira can increase the cargo processed to and from the countries in the region without direct access to the sea and also contribute to the appearance of new shipping lines,” said the spokesperson and Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism.

Ultimately, according to Comoana, the extension of the concession period and the expected investments should allow the port of Beira to make public investments in the area feasible and profitable, namely the recovery and expansion of National Highway Number 6 (EN6) and the restoration plan for the Machipanda railway line.

Comoana said that the terms and conditions of the extension of the concession and the amount of investments have yet to be negotiated between the government and the concessionaire.

The current concession contract for the management of the port was signed in 1998 and is valid for 25 years, and will now end in 2023.

Cornelder de Moçambique is a public-private partnership between state-owned rail and port manager CFM and the Cornelder Holding group of the Netherlands. (macauhub)