Angola’s Energy and Water Sector receives public investments of US$13 billion

14 March 2018

Between 2013 and 2017 the Angolan Energy and Water sector received investments of US$13 billion, which initially focused on the expansion of production capacity, said the director of the study, planning and statistics office of the Ministry of Energy and Water.

José Salgueiro told Angolan National Radio that, in connection with the programme to increase production capacity, energy transportation projects are being implemented for the main consumer centres, in order to interconnect the Northern, Central and Southern systems in the country.

Salgueiro said the launch of the 750-megawatt Soyo combined cycle power plant made the best use of the gas extracted from the country’s oil fields and diversified the country’s energy matrix, significantly reducing production costs.

On the same radio programme the chairman of the board of the Regulatory Institute of Electricity and Water Services (IRSEA), Luís Mourão, said that the investments will begin to have repercussions on the lives of citizens as soon as more power plants start operating with resulting increases in production.

Mourão also said that the state will not see a return on the capital invested, considering both the subsidy granted to companies as well as the subsidy that continues to be applied to fuel prices.

“The average tariff per kilowatt applied in Angola is 2.5 cents or 14 kwanzas, while the tariff charged in other southern African and Portuguese-speaking countries is around seven to eight cents,” said Luís Mourão .(macauhub)