Pests and disease destroy Mozambican agricultural plantations

15 March 2018

Pests and diseases have destroyed more than a third of Mozambican agricultural plantations, and crop losses could reach 19 billion meticals (US$300 million), the Mozambican Council of Minister’s spokeswoman and Deputy Minister for Culture and Tourism said on Tuesday in Maputo.

Ana Comoana said at the end of the meeting of the cabinet meeting that corn crops have been under attack by the funnel caterpillar, coconut palms by “lethal yellowing”, disease, bananas by Panama disease and tomatoes by the leaf miner caterpillar.

The spokeswoman said the authorities were keeping an eye out for the risk of lethal maize necrosis, which has been found in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Sudan and also noted the presence of the fruit fly “in virtually all provinces.”

She also said that more than 41,000 hectares of agricultural plantations were affected by the pests and diseases, with the loss of 3,000 hectares of maize and coconut and banana production also recording losses.

Comoana said that the Council of Ministers had approved emergency funding of 160 million meticais (US$2.6 million) to help farmers fight the pests and diseases that are affecting agricultural production. (macauhub)