Angola and Russia meet to discuss use of Angosat-1 satellite

23 March 2018

Angola and Russia will meet in April in Luanda to define procedures for the use of Angolan satellite, Angosat-1, sent into orbit in December 2017, the Angolan government announced on Thursday.

According to the Angolan Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Information Technology, Manuel Homem, Angosat-1 is in orbit and verification work is under way so that it can start operating in April.

The satellite represented an investment of about US$320 million.

Earlier this month, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on his visit to Luanda gave assurances that the Angolan satellite, manufactured and launched by the Russians, will go into service in April as planned.

News reports after the launch said there were problems with the satellite, but both Russia and Angola indicated that these were just adjustments in orbit and contact with the Earth.

Built by a Russian state consortium, Angosat-1 was launched into orbit from Kazakhstan using Ukrainian rocket Zenit-3SLB, involving Roscosmos, Russia’s state space company.(macauhub)