Renewable energy production exceeds consumption in Portugal

4 April 2018

Electricity production from renewable sources in March exceeded consumption in mainland Portugal, “something unheard of in the last 40 years,” the Portuguese Association of Renewable Energies and environmental association Zero reported in a statement citing data from power grid company REN.

REN’s figures show that the renewable energy produced in March was 4,812 Gigawatt hours (GWh), exceeding the consumption of Mainland Portugal, which was 4,647 GWh.

The statement said that the renewables accounted for 103.6% of electricity consumption, and the previous peak had occurred in February 2014 with 99.2%.

The main sources of renewable electricity were hydro and wind power, which accounted for 55% and 42% of consumption needs, respectively. The statement noted that in March there was a high export balance that reached 19% of the consumption of mainland Portugal (878 GWh).

The two associations expect that by 2040 renewable energy production will be able to guarantee the entire annual electricity consumption of Mainland Portugal, although they recognise that there is still a need for occasional use of natural gas fired plants. (macauhub)