Nigeria overtakes Angola in oil production in Africa

6 April 2018

Angola has been losing ground to Nigeria in terms of oil production and its position as the largest producer in Africa, according to the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) monthly March oil market report.

Security problems in the Niger Delta region, including attacks on oil facilities, meant that Nigeria’s production was just 1.427 million barrels per day (bpd), while at the same time Angola reported it was producing 1.722 million bpd, almost 300,000 bpd more.

The situation continued in 2017, with Angola producing 1.632 million bpd and Nigeria 1.510 million bpd, but this situation was reversed in December of that year with Angola reporting it produced 1.548 million bpd and Nigeria 1.569 million bpd.

Last January, this difference increased, with Angola producing 1.582 million bpd and Nigeria 1.641 million bpd, based on direct communication from the two countries.

This trend increased further in February, when Angola produced 64,000 bpd less for a total of 1.498 million bpd and Nigeria produced another 91,500 bpd for 1.732 million bpd.

According to secondary sources, Nigeria overtook Angola as the main oil producer in Africa in 2017, with a production of 1.658 million bpd, against Angolan production of 1.638 million barrels per day.

In February, based on these sources, Nigeria extended its lead on Angola by producing an additional 24,900 bpd for a total of 1.806 million bpd, against Angolan production of 1.613 million bpd, a monthly drop of 17,100 bpd. (macauhub)