German company introduces wave energy to Cabo Verde

9 April 2018

German company SINN Power plans to start a commercial project to capture sea wave energy to supply aquaculture company Fazenda do Camarão on the island of São Vicente in Cabo Verde (Cape Verde), the company said in a statement posted on its website.

The company also said that under the contract signed with the aquaculture company it plans to carry out an economic feasibility study of the project which, when it is in operation, “will allow the Cape Verdean company to obtain the electricity it needs, exclusively from renewable sources.”

The first phase, according to the statement, is to collect data over several months on the sea ripple in that region of the island of São Vicente, and later to present a proposal to the Fazenda do Camarão based on its needs.

The Fazenda do Camarão shrimp farm, located in the Calhau area of the island of São Vicente, is a project that required an investment of 600 million escudos (about US$6.7 million) involving a variety of investors/partners, and managers from Brazil, Uruguay and Portugal and a Cape Verdean technical manager.

Investors are from the United Kingdom, Brazil, Cabo Verde, Australia and the government of the Netherlands.

The facility, which was inaugurated in 2017, is designed to produce 250 to 350 tons of sea shrimp per year in 10 nurseries in a total area of about 28 hectares. (macauhub)