Emergency dredging of the port of Beira, Mozambique, completed this week

11 April 2018

Emergency dredging of the access channel, quays and manoeuvring basins of the port of Beira is due to be completed this week after work over the last six months resulted in the removal of about 3 million cubic metres of sediment, said the chief executive of Mozambican rail and port management company Caminhos de Ferro de Moçambique – Centro.

Augusto Abudo told the Mozambican newspaper Notícias that a multi-sector team will evaluate the work carried out by Dutch company Van Oord, assisted by the Mozambican Dredging Company, which cost 24.9 million euros.

The chief executive of CFM – Centro said that about 850,000 cubic metres of sand from the Sofala bank were removed from the so-called Macuti bend alone, which was used to build a landfill, where Pier 11 will be built in the future.

As a result of this dredging operation, the width of the port access channel, which is 27 kilometres long, was increased from 135 to 250 metres and the depth was set at 8 metres on the straight sections and at 9.20 metres on the Macuti bend.

Abudo also said that the port of Beira from now on will be able to receive ships with a maximum tonnage of 60,000 tons 24 hours a day, when previously tonnage could not be over 33,000. (macauhub)