Mozambique restricts logging and timber exports

11 April 2018

The Mozambican Ministry of Land, Environment and Rural Development has established new rules and limits for the exploration and export of timber, particularly precious species, under an order issued last week and published this week by the Mozambican press.

The order, which went into force on 29 March, prohibits the logging and collection of Pterocarpus tinctorius species, known locally as nkula, Swartzia madagascariensis (ironwood) and Combretum imberbe (mondzo), and the export of timber of chanfuta, umbila and jambire, “three species that will be licensed only to supply the domestic market.”

The export of wood of native species will only be authorised to operators duly certified by the Ministry, provided that they meet specific criteria, namely “the presentation of their annual export plan” and “compliance with the criteria of establishment of industry.”

The same order also establishes that the maximum quantity of wood for exploration is set at 350,000 cubic metres, representing approximately half the quantity authorised for the first quarter, of 600,000 cubic metres.

The Ministry of Land, Environment and Rural Development also determined that “operators with a simple license and forest concession will only be licensed after the inspection of their equipment and the potential of the area.” (macauhub)