Cabo Verde Government creates a tax to fund maritime security

16 April 2018

The Cape Verdean government has approved a law that creates the maritime safety tax, whose revenue will be used to finance quality services in the control and management of maritime traffic, announced the Minister of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and meeting spokesperson.

Minister Fernando Elísio Freire recalled that Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) is an archipelago and that in recent times there have been some accidents involving Cape Verdean vessels, and that the new tax would finance maritime safety in the country’s seas.

This new tax will be regulated through an ordinance to be approved jointly by the Ministers of Finance and the Maritime Economy sector and will begin to be collected after the redefinition of current port fees charged by national port manager Empresa Nacional de Administração dos Portos (Enapor).

Freire pointed out that the fees will be charged to the ships that dock in the ports of Cabo Verde, and that inter-island passengers will be exempt.

Cabo Verde’s ports recorded 1,329 movements of long-haul vessels last year (179 more than in 2016) and 5,734 movements of coastal shipping vessels (650 less than in 2016).(macauhub)