Environmental protection brings representatives of Macau and Europe to Jiangmen

17 April 2018

Representatives of Macau and Europe’s environmental protection sector visited green factories in Jiangmen County, Guangdong Province, on a joint trip organised by the Macau Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) and the Monetary Authority of Macau, according to an official statement.

The move was part of the Framework Agreement for Deepening Collaboration in the Guangdong-Macau Industrial Cooperation Pilot Zone (Jiangmen) in the Green Economy, signed by the Macau and Jiangmen municipal governments and aimed at making use of the potential of the Macau International Environmental Cooperation Forum 2018 (2018MIECF) as a green platform.

The delegation, which gathered 50 people, started by visiting the Guangdong-Macau Industrial Cooperation Pilot Zone (Jiangmen), where the planning of the area for support facilities of the Yamen Galvanoplasty Base and the Entrepreneurship Park for Young people from Macau and Portugal was announced, as well as wastewater treatment facilities and sophisticated electroplating techniques.

There was also a colloquium with representatives of the municipal government, namely the Development and Reform Services and the Environmental Protection Services, as well as the Finance Services, which addressed issues related to energy conservation, environmental protection and new energy. (macauhub)