China provides training to agrarian technicians and farmers in Mozambique

23 April 2018

China’s Deputy Minister of Agriculture Zhang Taolin said on Friday in Maputo that his country will finance training in agricultural technologies for farmers in Mozambique, according to Mozambican daily newspaper Notícias.

After a meeting with his Mozambican counterpart, Luísa Meque, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, Zhang said that the application of agricultural technologies could help the mechanisation of Mozambican agriculture.

The Chinese Deputy Minister also expressed interest in deepening bilateral cooperation, particularly in rice and fruit production.

The Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Security said that the meeting stressed the need for cooperation in the training sector, as well as the production of seeds and the application of new techniques in livestock breeding.

“We are still committed to producing vaccines so that we can really increase the livestock population in the country,” Meque said.

The deputy minister said that 30 agrarian technicians should travel to China soon in order to participate in short-term training, and these actions are expected to include 100 Mozambican technicians.

China funded the construction of the Centre for Research and Transfer of Agricultural Technologies, located in Umbeluzi, Boane district, in the southern province of Maputo, a project involving funding of over US$7 million. (macauhub)