Minister of Industry and Commerce calls for Chinese companies to set up in Mozambique

30 April 2018

Mozambique has a good geographic location, land, young population and natural resources, including minerals, which are excellent advantages for companies in China to establish themselves in the country, Industry and Commerce Minister Ragendra de Sousa told Macao magazine.

In the interview with Macao magazine, the minister also recalled that there is a lot of room for new investors in Mozambique in productive sectors focused on the domestic market and exports, but said that agriculture is one of the most important areas of development in the country and cannot be forgotten.

Ragendra de Sousa also said that Mozambique is prepared to receive industrial parks from China that want to set themselves up in the country, but recalled that companies that come to Mozambique “have to produce for the domestic market without forgetting the export market.”

The minister recalled that China is in a process of transformation and displacement of industries and Mozambique can benefit from this strategy.

“Our location is an asset because it makes Mozambique a bridge between Asia, the rest of Africa and the world,” said Minister Ragendra de Sousa.

Sousa noted that between Asia and Europe anyone not using the Suez Canal must pass through Mozambique.

The Minister of Industry and Commerce recalled that gas and coal mining could increase the per capita income of the population from US$400 to US$3,000.

“The fact that there are iron ore reserves with possibilities for exploration over the next 150 years could allow heavy industries to be created in Mozambique because we will have energy and gas besides ore,” he said.

Referring to Mozambique’s upcoming presence at the Macau International Fair in October this year, Ragendra de Sousa said that the goal, “is to showcase what we have and to increasingly internationalise our economy so that Mozambican entrepreneurs can conduct partnerships and do business.” (macauhub)