Transport and logistics could present a macroeconomic solution for Angola

9 May 2018

The creation of a model that links transport networks and services to a network of strategically located logistics infrastructures is the potential solution for Angola’s macroeconomic and social situation, the country’s transport minister, Augusto Tomás, said on Tuesday in Luanda.

The minister also said that such a model could also be the solution to achieving the objectives of sectoral and regional diversification of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), as well as the creation of more wealth, including factors of competitiveness and economic efficiency, that promote internationalisation of the Angolan economy, according to the Angop news agency.

Tomás, who was speaking at the methodological seminar on communication and marketing harmonisation of the Ministry of Transport, where he discussed, “Transport, logistics and sustainable development of Angola,” said that in his view the transportation system’s complementarity and interoperability, linked to the logistics system, should favour the emergence of economic operators in the areas of industry, agriculture and mining.

During the same seminar, officials announced that the Angolan transport system – air, rail, sea and road – between January 2008 and March 2018 transported more than 630 million people.

In addition to the people, the same four transport segments in the same period of time carried over 137 million tons of miscellaneous cargo. (macauhub)