President of Angola rejects operations of Air Connection Express in the country

4 June 2018

The Angolan President dismissed the launch of Air Connection Express -Transporte Aéreo, a public-private consortium that would provide domestic air transport in the country, speaking to European television channel Euronews.

João Lourenço said that the consortium, which would join state-owned TAAG and the national airport and air navigation company ENANA and private companies Bestfly, Air Jet, Air 26, Guicango, Dieximim, Sjl and Mavewa, said it was a “fictitious company.”

“The airline will not go beyond the planning stage, and if it does become a reality, I I hope some of the passengers will call and tell me – look, you told Euronews that Air Connection Express – Transporte Aéreo would not be set up, but I flew today in one of the company’s planes,” said the Angolan President.

The public-private consortium was announced at the beginning of May and a US$198 million contract for the purchase of six Q400s was signed in Luanda with the representative for Africa and the Middle East, Jean Paul Boutibou, of Canadian manufacturer Bombardier. (macauhub)