China examines support for Cabo Verde’s Special Economic Zone of the Maritime Economy

20 June 2018

The economic feasibility study for the construction of the Special Economic Zone of the Maritime Economy on the island of Sao Vicente in Cabo Verde is expected to be completed this year, with China being able to finance this project, according to the business attache of the Chinese Embassy in Cabo Verde.

Wang Feng said that the team of Chinese technicians who had been on the island collecting information to prepare the economic feasibility study had already completed their work and added that the Chinese government may decide later this year whether or not to finance the construction of that economic development zone.

The Chinese embassy attache was speaking on the sidelines of an open media day by Chinese companies and institutions in the Cabo Verde archipelago, which took place at the new premises of the University of Cabo Verde under the theme “Dialogue and Consensus, joint construction, shared earnings.”

The Cape Verdean government considers the implementation of the project of the Special Economic Zone of the Maritime Economy in São Vicente to be important as it will transform the island into a platform specialised in the provision of services in the maritime area.

Wang Feng also said that China is studying the possibility of investing in the agriculture sector in Cabo Verde, having received a group from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), made up of Chinese experts, who went to the archipelago to study the agricultural sector. (macauhub)