Cabo Verde introduces Maritime Safety Charge as of 18 September

22 June 2018

The new Cabo Verde Maritime Security Charge will be paid by all vessels that arrive in the country’s ports, by passengers and by the consignees of cargo transported starting on 18 September of this year, according to Decree-Law No. 39/2018 of 20 June.

Shipowners of Cabo Verde or foreign registered vessels, regardless of the nature and type of vessel, will have to pay the fee every time they enter a port on the archipelago, and passengers and consignees of the cargoes will be charged for each trip and route.

The decree-law exempts children, hospital ships, tugboats and floating equipment at the service of the ports service or local traffic and inshore fishing vessels with a maximum draft of 45 cubic metres from paying the fee.

The decree stipulates that the payment of the Maritime Security Charge will allow ships, passengers and shippers of cargo to make use of services related to the security of people and goods in maritime transport.

The amount of the Maritime Security Charge will be set annually by a joint decree of the Ministers of Tourism, Transport and the Maritime Economy and Finance, said the Regional Coordination of legal database Legis-PALOP+TL. (macauhub)