Japan Tuna increases number of ships to dock in Cabo Verde ports

25 June 2018

Japanese cooperative Japan Tuna plans to increase the number of vessels using Cabo Verde’s (Cape Verde’s) ports for supply and transshipment of products in Cabo Verde, the Secretary of State for the Maritime Economy Paulo Veiga said in recent statements to Rádio Cabo Verde.

The statements were made in Tokyo, where the Secretary of State took part in an international forum on the sustainability of marine resources at the invitation of the Japan Fisheries Agency, which was used to hold meetings with various institutions.

Veiga said that the agreement with the Japan Tuna will increase the number of vessels that supply Cabo Verde’s ports and to tranship goods, and the Japan Fisheries Agency agreed to continue to repair and maintain ice factories in São Vicente, Praia and Sal.

“The Agency will ensure the operation of the ice plant in Sal and also finance a small fish processing factory. There are projects that are being analysed, but this is more with the JICA agency that is part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to fund docks and trawlers on the islands,” he said. (macauhub)