Guinea-Bissau to start exporting food in 2023, says Chinese ambassador

26 June 2018

Guinea-Bissau, with the support of the People’s Republic of China, is expected to achieve food self-sufficiency within five years and start exporting the surplus produced, the Chinese ambassador said in public statements last weekend.

Jin Hongjun was speaking next to the President of the Republic, José Mário Vaz, during a visit to the town of Caliquesse, northern Guinea-Bissau, where there are plans to set up an agricultural training centre, which will also have technical and training support from China.

The Chinese government’s representative in the country stressed that the necessary conditions for this objective in Guinea-Bissau are in place, as it has a young population, receives support and pledges of more aid from China and has a favourable climate.

The ambassador reiterated his country’s willingness to continue to support Guinea-Bissau, not only in the agriculture sector but also in other sectors that are important for promoting the country’s development. (macauhub)