Macau is a platform to link China and the Portuguese-speaking countries

The Deputy Secretary-General of Forum Macau appointed by China expressed satisfaction with the results achieved by the institution to date and said that Macau serves as a platform to link China to Portuguese-speaking countries in exploring business opportunities, speaking on Thursday in the capital of Cabo Verde (Cape Verde).

Ding Tian, who is part of a delegation from Forum Macau that is visiting Cabo Verde to learn about opportunities for business promotion in the archipelago, praised Cabo Verde’s support for the multilateral institution and added, “we also count on this support from the Cape Verdean side so that we can interact with the other participants of Forum Macau to promote and implement projects,” according to the Inforpress news agency.

This visit to the archipelago, which brings together leaders of the Forum, government and business people from the Chinese province of Qingdao, follows an agreement signed between Cabo Verde TradeInvest and the government of the province to boost economic and business cooperation between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries.

The president of Cabo Verde TraideInvest, Ana Barber, said that this visit is the culmination of a different approach to investment partnerships, noting that the agency’s work is focused on attracting new quality investments.

The delegation, which concluded its visit to Cabo Verde on Thursday, included representatives from a group of companies in Qingdao, including Ruichang Tech-Industry, Tradcross Tire, Newcity Design Group, Luhaifeng Group, linked to fishing, trade, agriculture and sales of tyres. (macauhub)