University of Coimbra launches course on relationship between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries

China and the Portuguese-speaking Countries in the World Economy: Trade, Tourism, Cooperation and Development is the official name of an advanced training course coordinated by Carmen Amado Mendes to be taught over two semesters between the end of September and December and between February and May, at the University of Coimbra, Portugal, according to official information.

The purpose of this course, which can be attended for single semester, with classes taking place on Friday afternoons, is to explain the functioning of the political, legal and corporate culture of these two worlds and the way they relate to each other, providing the necessary tools to take action in this context.

The topics covered include inter-cultural management, trade relations, investment and tourism, with particular focus on the Chinese initiative of the “New Silk Road.”

The seminars are organised into modules taught by the best national and international experts in the field, ensuring a diversity of views.

The advanced training course is aimed at current and future diplomats, politicians, journalists, lawyers, managers, entrepreneurs and investors, or intermediaries, who work on China’s relations with Portuguese-speaking and European countries.

“Entrepreneurs from Portuguese-speaking countries who compete or work with Chinese companies globally will feel better prepared to understand the political, economic and cultural forces of contemporary China and Chinese entrepreneurs working in Portugal will better understand the new trends of the Portuguese-speaking and European world,” said the announcement of the launch of the course.

Amado Mendes is an academic coordinator of the Office of International Relations, a professor at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra and author of the book “The Negotiations of Macau (CCCM).” (macauhub)