Products from Macau and Portuguese-speaking countries available on NetEase Kaola

Products from Macau and Portuguese-speaking countries are now available on NetEase Kaola, a cross-border e-commerce platform from China, at the “Macau Pavilion,” an effective new channel to explore China’s domestic market, according to the Macau Economic Services Bureau (DSE).

The contract signing ceremony for the “NetEase Kaola Macau Pavilion” was held on 3 July at the DSE, which added that this new channel will contribute “to increase the exposure of Macau and Portuguese-speaking countries’ products and, to a large extent, the prestige and value of sales of those products.”

Installing the Macau Pavilion on NetEase Kaola is the first step towards installing Macau pavilions on major cross-border e-commerce platforms in China, and the DSE will in the future actively promote trade associations setting up similar channels on more e-commerce platforms, further extending the electronic sales channel of local companies.

Through this cooperation with NetEase Kaola the advantages of this Chinese electronic platform and the functions of Macau as a platform for commercial services between China and Portuguese-speaking countries will be fully used, building a platform for Chinese consumers to buy quality products from both Macau and Portuguese-speaking countries.

Sino-Portuguese E-Commerce Chamber vice-president Johnny Ma said on the occasion that in the first phase 26 products from four brands will be available at the Macau Pavilion. (macauhub)