Cabo Verde Airlines privatisation completed this year

5 July 2018

The privatisation of Cabo Verde Airlines is due to be completed this year, the Cape Verdean Minister of Tourism and Transport José Gonçalves said this week, repeating the assurances given by Prime Minister Ulisses Correia e Silva last May that the privatisation process of TACV-Cabo Verde Airlines “will be completed” by the end of the year and with “huge advantages” for the country.

The minister said, according to the local press, that the contract with Icelandair to take over the management of the Cape Verdean airline will not be renewed, given that it is valid for one year and was signed in August 2017, “as in the process of privatisation there is no need for a management contract.”

Gonçalves also announced that Cabo Verde Airlines will begin flying to Lagos, Nigeria and Luanda, Angola. These flights are intended to carry passengers whose final destination is Europe or North America.

Cabo Verde Airlines’ flights to Angola are due to begin before the end of the summer and to Nigeria in October, with the civil aviation agencies of Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) and Nigeria signing a memorandum of understanding to facilitate the flights by Cabo Verde Airlines to Lagos, within the scope of the air platform based on Sal island.

With an accumulated liability of more than 100 million euros, the company, which has changed its operational base from the Cape Verdean capital to Sal Island, now only provides international connections, after the domestic market was handed over to Binter Cabo Verde. (macauhub)