Mozambique-Portugal summit results in ten bilateral instruments

6 July 2018

Mozambique and Portugal signed an agreement in Maputo on Thursday to allow social security payments in one country to be recognised in the other for career purposes, which will allow the application of the bilateral agreement signed between the two countries in 2010, a document signed by the Secretary of State for Social Security, Cláudia Joaquim, and the Labour and Social Security Minister of Mozambique, Vitória Dias Diogo.

To date, without this agreement, Portuguese emigrants to Mozambique paid Mozambican Social Security but, on returning to Portugal, this period was not accounted for for career purposes and vice versa, which led many to voluntarily pay into both two systems, Portuguese state news agency Lusa reported.

The agreement establishes an exception to the principle of residence for certain benefits, such as family allowance, which will continue to be paid if the parents live in Portugal and the child in Mozambique (or vice versa), and in the area of Social Security, the two States also signed a cooperation programme to establish priority lines of action for the next three years.

In all, Portugal and Mozambique signed ten bilateral instruments, including agreements, protocols and memoranda of understanding, at the end of the Third Luso-Mozambican Summit.

The previous summits between the two countries were held in November 2011 in Lisbon and in March 2014 in Maputo. (macauhub)