Modernisation of São Tomé and Príncipe port and airport estimated to cost US$66 million

São Tomé and Príncipe needs to spend US$66 million to “modernise” the port and the international airport of the capital, according to a document from the World Bank to which Macauhub in São Tomé had access.

The document, in the section focused on the National Port Administration (Enaport), estimates that modernisation of the São Tomé port will require an investment of US$35 million, which would basically focus on the mooring of cargo ships.

The World Bank also says that “construction of new docks, extensive dredging, a modern management information system and acquisition of specialised computer applications,” are also required for the port’s modernisation.

In relation to the airport, the document said it is necessary to spend US$31 million to upgrade the runway and modernise the remaining facilities, to be guaranteed by the National Airport and Air Safety Company (ENASA).

The São Tomé and Príncipe government plans to extend the internal airport runway from 2,160 metres to 3,200 metres, while the World Bank team prioritises the extension of the passenger terminal and works for improved security and safety.

“The team believes that the main obstacle of the airport is the size of the passenger terminal and not the length of the runway,” said the World Bank document that calls for works to include, “paving, parking, construction of two runway end security areas, replacement of lights and air traffic control equipment.”

China is included in the list of development and cooperation partners who have already indicated their willingness to invest in projects to modernise the port and airport in São Tomé, with a view to providing sustainable development to the archipelago. (macauhub)