Cabo Verde Airlines still lacks airplanes to operate

12 July 2018

Cabo Verde Airlines has cancelled 52 flights since 2 July, due to a lack of airplanes, with the attention of the board focused on the passenger protection plan until the restart of normal activity, the company said in a statement released on Wednesday in the Cape Verdean capital, Praia.

The statement added that 7,550 passengers had been affected, “with the company being able to protect 90% of passengers, the remaining 10% in the process of being welcomed in the best possible circumstances by third parties.”

“Cabo Verde Airlines’ managers are working to ensure that all passengers are on alternative flights and ensure that they arrive at their destination as quickly and comfortably as possible,” the statement said.

The Cape Verdean airline last week announced that it had cancelled the flights until 4 July due to delays in replacing its fleet, triggering the operational programme for passenger protection.

Cabo Verde Airlines is in the process of restructuring, and the government has signed a management agreement with Icelandic group Icelandair to prepare the company for privatisation.

The company started operating with two Icelandair aircraft in November and, when the management agreement was signed in August, the Cape Verdean government announced the company’s fleet would receive another three aircraft by the end of this year.

With an accumulated liability of more than 100 million euros, the company, which has changed its operational base from the Cape Verdean capital to Sal Island, now only provides international connections, after the domestic market was handed over to Binter Cabo Verde. (macauhub)