Icelandair proposes to buy 51% of Cabo Verde Airlines

30 July 2018

Icelandair has presented a proposal for the purchase of 51% of the Cape Verdean flagship air carrier, announced Cabo Verde’s Prime Minister Ulisses Correia e Silva, who gave assurances that Cabo Verde Airlines (TACV) will be privatised as planned.

The Prime Minister, in a state of the nation address, said that as the one-year contract with Icelandair ended, “the next phase, which is the negotiation for privatisation, has been completed,” according to the Inforpress news agency.

Correia e Silva said that another company could start operating inter-island air transport, and there was already an expression of interest in this regard, noting that, despite setbacks, his government is focused on providing the country with a “good system of transport.”

“The management of the airports will be delivered through a concession and Cabo Verde Handling will be privatised, as part of a strategy of creating an air transport platform and development of the air transport sector, including investments in airports such as Praia, Santo Antão and Maio,” he said, adding that the runways of São Filipe and Boa Vista airports will be illuminated.

In September, according to the Prime Minister, a tender will be launched for the concession of inter-island maritime transport lines, with investments in boats and regulation of the sector that will have a “strong impact” on the islands’ economy. (macauhub)