Government of Cabo Verde concentrates regulation in multisector agency

6 August 2018

The government of Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) has created the Multisector Regulatory Agency of the Economy, a measure that is part of a package of economic and institutional reforms for the regulation sector, through a decree-law approved on Thursday in Praia at a meeting of the Council of Ministers, according to official information.

Meeting spokesman Fernando Elísio Freire said that with the creation of this Multisector Regulatory Agency for the Economy, the Economic Regulation Agency (AER) and the National Communication Agency of Cabo Verde (ANAC) have been extinguished.

The new agency, said the spokesman, will also deal with interurban transport, or transport between two cities or between any two locations in the archipelago, which were not previously covered in terms of economic or technical regulation.

“This Agency will unify – it will have both technical regulation and economic regulation,” Freire said, explaining that a significant part of the existing regulatory entities in Cabo Verde had not yet been adapted to the legal reality that was changed three years ago. (macauhub)