Maritime safety institute to be set up in Cabo Verde

8 August 2018

The government of Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) will “soon” create an institute whose mission will be to investigate incidents and accidents related to the sea and air and will be based in São Vicente, the Minister of Maritime Economy, Jose Gonçalves said in Leielo on Tuesday.

The minister, quoted by the Inforpress news agency, also said that the creation of the institute is due to requirements of surveillance and security included in the new fisheries law, which modernises the sector’s legislation and was presented to the National Maritime Economics Council, which held its first meeting in the city.

After giving assurances that the government will “continue to focus on security” throughout the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) as well as on the issue of illegal and unauthorised fishing, the minister added that the fisheries law will be presented later this year to parliament for discussion and approval.

The judge of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, Jose Luis Jesus, drafted the document, which appeals to the Association of Fishing Shipowners (Apesc) as, according to its president, João de Deus Júnior, it is a law which will bring “big gains” to the sector.

“It will allow for a re-ordering of fishing licenses for international vessels fishing in Cabo Verde’s EEZ, but also in relation to fines,” he said, adding that from now on the country should be equipped with on-board observers, human and financial conditions for the Coast Guard to actually track vessels engaged in illegal fishing in Cabo Verde’s waters and to establish a basis for imposing fines.

In addition to updating the general fisheries regime in the archipelago, the draft law under discussion deals with fishing licenses and authorisations in jurisdictional waters, on the high seas and related fishing operations, and also aims to introduce harmonisation and simplification of administrative proceedings and amounts of fines. (macauhub)