Goods on their way to Angola covered by the new Customs Tariff

9 August 2018

Goods currently on their way to Angola will be taxed based on the new 2017 Customs Tariff, which comes into force on 9 August, said a technician from the Tariff and Trade Department of the National Customs Service.

Technician Mário Dombolo also told the Angolan news agency that goods that are exempt from customs duties under the new tariff pay only the service fee, set at 2.0% of the value of the merchandise and stamp duty, charged at 1.0%.

The document expands the number of goods free of import duties and excise duty and changes the import and export taxes of just as many.

The list of duty-free products includes industrial production machines, construction and mining machinery, seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, tractors, implements and hand tools for agriculture, without the need for a prior request for exemption.

The diploma that was approved in November 2017 by the National Assembly contains 2261 zero-rated codes, 111 with increased rates and 400 with reduced rates, with the aim of promoting tax collection to fund the expenses recorded in the State Budget.

The new Customs Tariff is in line with the World Customs Organization’s Harmonised System of Designation and Codification of Goods, Version 2017, subject to five-year revisions to accommodate advances in science, technology and international trade.

In the Customs Tariff – Harmonized Version 2017, in addition to the extension of tax benefits, all customs procedures were revised in order to simplify, streamline and harmonise them with the international instruments of the World Customs Organization and the World Trade Organization. (macauhub)