Macau Foundation grants subsidies to residents affected by typhoon “Hato”

13 August 2018

The Macau Foundation (FM) has awarded 580 million patacas (US$72.5 million) in subsidies under a programme to support residents affected by typhoon “Hato” in 2017, the institution said.

The deadline for requesting the “Residential Restoration Grant” ended on 30 December, 2017 and 6,368 requests were received by the FM. 5,665 applications were approved after assessment and authorization, involving approximately 40.03 million patacas .

The deadline for requesting the “Medical Assistance Subsidy” ended on 31 October, 2017 and 246 cases were received, with 208 cases being subsidised, worth approximately 680,000 patacas.

Last month the Macau Foundation also approved a total of 3 million patacas under the “Death Benefit” which was handed over to the families of the deceased (10 families).

In October 2017, the institution began to provide subsidies to pay water and electricity bills to the most affected residents, having allocated 500 patacas for water subsidy to each of the 211,000 “domestic” residents and 1,500 patacas for electricity subsidy to each of the 215,000 homes, totaling 430 million patacas.

After the typhoon, the Macau Foundation called on the various civil associations to provide subsidies to vulnerable families and allocated funds to cultural education institutions to renovate or repair their damaged facilities, totalling 105 million patacas.

Typhoon Hato, which hit Macau on 23 August 2017 caused direct and indirect economic losses estimated at 12.55 billion patacas (US$1.57 billion), according to the region’s Statistics and Census Bureau. (macauhub)