Angola’s Malanje province has over 100,000 hectares of unexplored forests

13 August 2018

One hundred and fifteen thousand hectares of forests to explore wood and 1,000 for charcoal exploration are as yet unexplored in the municipalities of Massango and Cambundi-Catembo, in the Angolan province of Malanje, due to lack of companies licensed for this purpose, the local official for the Forestry Development Institute said recently in the city of Malanje.

Tomás Mizalaque also told Angolan news agency Angop that the province does not have any concessionaires to explore wood and/or charcoal, “so it is urgent to create companies in the sector to take advantage of the potential that the region has in this area.”

The Congo Basin is one of the most important wilderness areas on the planet, containing 20% of the world’s rainforests and Africa’s largest biological diversity, although areas adjacent to cities are being threatened by population growth.

Angop also wrote that the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is currently assessing 18 applications for concessions for the exploration of wood and two for charcoal in that province.

The forestry campaign is expected to officially open this week, with less than 200 licenses planned nationwide to explore 300,000 cubic metres of timber. (macauhub)