World Bank funds highway signage project in Guinea-Bissau

14 August 2018

The World Bank (WB) plans to fund a project to place signage on Guinea-Bissau’s main public roads as of January 2019, the head of the transport department of the multilateral organization, Vincent Viseaux said on Monday in Bissau.

The official, who was speaking at the end of a hearing with Guinea-Bissau’s General Director of Land Transport and Transport, Bamba Banjai, added that this initiative aims to reduce road accidents on Guinean roads, mainly on those built or repaired in rural areas.

Asked about the funding to be provided, Viseaux noted that this will be determined based on the outcome of discussions scheduled between the World Bank and the Guinean authorities to define the details of this project.

The majority of road signs on Guinean roads have been destroyed as a result of road accidents caused by speeding drivers or those driving under the influence of alcohol or carrying out dangerous manoeuvres. (macauhub)