World Bank grants a loan to pave rural roads in Guinea-Bissau

17 August 2018

The World Bank will grant a US$15 million loan to finance the asphalting of some rural roads in the northern and eastern provinces of Guinea-Bissau next year, the organisation’s resident representative Amadu Oumar Bá announced on Wednesday in Bissau.

Bá spoke after the audience that the Minister of Public Works, Constructions and Urbanism, Óscar Barbosa, granted to a delegation of the World Bank for the transport area that is visiting the country this week.

The resident representative said that the meeting served for the World Bank to present the details of the project to the Guinean minister and to request his support in order to facilitate the process as quickly as possible.

Bá, who did not specify the exact start date, said that the World Bank was currently undertaking feasibility studies focused on the creation of conditions to facilitate the movement of people and the distribution of goods produced in those rural areas.

Most of the rural roads in Guinea-Bissau are unpaved, except for those that were paved in colonial times and which are now in an advanced state of disrepair. (macauhub)