Mozambique invests US$44 million in the production and processing of vegetables in Lower Limpopo

21 August 2018

The Government of Mozambique, in partnership with the African Development Bank (AfDB), has invested US$44 million in the production and processing of vegetables in the Lower Limpopo irrigation system in Gaza province, said the Chairman of the Board of Regadio of Baixo Limpopo, Armando Ussivane.

The investment is being made by Empresa Pública de Regadio do Baixo Limpopo as part of the Project for Irrigation and Resilience to Climate Change (BLICRP), which aims to boost and promote the production and storage of vegetables in that province located in the south of the country.

The Government also intends to ensure the functioning of the irrigation system, management of hydraulic infrastructure, land and water for the production of vegetables throughout the year.

As part of the project a central processing unit is under construction that will buy vegetables from the producers. The unit will washg, select, calibrate, package and preserve the products to add value to them.

The horticultural processing centre, with capacity to handle between 20 and 25 tons of vegetables per day, occupies an area of 2,114 square metres, of which 400 square metres are for offices and warehouses. (macauhub)