Rehabilitation of the Massingir dam in Mozambique will increase cultivation area

21 August 2018

The completion of rehabilitation work on the Massingir dam in Mozambique’s Gaza province will allow the cultivation area to increase from the current 2,000 hectares to 4,200 hectares, according to district administrator Sérgio Moiane, quoted by Mozambican news agency AIM.

Rehabilitation works funded by the African Development Bank (AfDB) will allow water for irrigation to be permanently available in Massingir, an area heavily affected by the lack of rainfall over the last three years.

Currently six irrigation systems are being installed that will allow irrigation for the cultivated areas, benefiting some 78,000 small farmers.

“We have an area of about 54,000 hectares for agriculture and we are now supporting an investment for an area of about 8,000 hectares. Our focus is to produce foods like corn, onions, garlic, citrus and other crops. We have fertile land and water.,” said Moiane.

The rehabilitation of the dam also allows water to be supplied to 9,600 local residents. (macauhub)