Government of Angola limits logging

23 August 2018

The maximum amount of charcoal licensed for the 2018 Angolan Forestry Campaign will be 34,250 tons in the natural forest and 7,500 tons in the planted forest, according to an order published by Portuguese news agency Lusa agency and cited by the Angolan press.

Timber logging authorised for the 2018 Angola Forestry Campaign will be limited to 259,853.35 cubic metres in the natural forest and 48,500 cubic metres in the planted forest, totalling 308,353.35 cubic metres, according to Lusa.

The campaign began on 14 July and 200 loggers will be licensed to explore forest resources.

A decree from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, dated August, grants the largest logging quotas to the provinces of Uíge (over 60,000 cubic metres), Cabinda (51,820 cubic metres) and Bengo (28 cubic metres), which account for more than half of the allowed amount.

According to Lusa in February, after the end of the 2017 forestry campaign, several reports pointed to logs being transported between provinces, which is prohibited by law.

According to Angolan Trade Ministry Secretary Amadeu Nunes, quoted by Lusa, China heads the list of destination countries for wood (107,000 tons), followed by Vietnam (35,000 tons) and Portugal (26,000 tons).

The forest exploration law establishes that only national citizens or companies under Angolan law can hold a license for this purpose, and its transfer is prohibited. (macauhub)