Angola aims to use atomic energy to maximise crude oil extraction

27 August 2018

Angola’s Secretary of State for Energy António Belsa da Costa said at the opening of a seminar on the National Framework Programme (CPF), linked to the use of atomic energy for peaceful purposes, that the government’s aim is to use it to maximise the extraction of crude oil in Angola.


During the seminar, organised by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the Technical Cooperation Programme in Angola (2019/2023), Belsa da Costa also said that Angola plans to increase its capacity to use radioisotope technology in the optimisation of the various processes industries.


Belsa da Costa said that one of Angola’s objectives will be to strengthen long-term planning capacity for greater access to modern energy services in rural and surrounding urban areas to use isotope techniques to identify groundwater resources and potential sources of energy. pollution in rural areas, as well as the creation of instruments to monitor pollution in coastal areas.


The secretary of state also said that creating a “proper and independent” national regulatory infrastructure is a priority for the government.


According to Belsa da Costa, the Intersectoral Working Group on Atomic Energy of Angola has already prepared a document that is a “symbiosis” between the Technical Cooperation Programme of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the government’s priorities. (macauhub)