East Angola needs to build about 2,000 kilometres of roads

30 August 2018

The regional director of the Angola Road Institute (INEA), Rafael Muteka, said recently that 1,800 kilometres of new roads need to be built in the eastern region of the country, which includes the provinces of Moxico, Lunda-norte and Lunda-sul.


Muteka told daily newspaper O País that it is necessary to build new roads linking eastern Angola to other provinces of the country but admitted that although there are plans for their construction, there are currently no financial resources for implementation.


Muteka told the newspaper that there are another 800 kilometres of roads in eastern Angola that need repairs because they are in a very poor condition, especially national roads 240 (Dala-Casais-Muconda), 171 (Cacolo-Cucubi-Xassengue), 170 Dala-Luma Cassai), 172 (Morieis-Chiluage-Cassai South) and 230 (Saurimo-Malange).


The regional director of INEA also said that the recovery of the Saurimo-Malange section is the most urgent as it is the main access route into the region. {macauhub)