Cabo Verde Government launches tender to expand port on the island of Santo Antão

3 September 2018

The Cape Verdean government launched a tender to carry out studies on the port of Porto Novo, which will cover aspects related to the expansion and navigability of this port facility built in 1962, the country’s deputy prime minister said on Sunday.

Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Olavo Correia said that the government, with these studies on the port, intends to ascertain financing needs both in terms of expansion and improved navigability.

In 2010 the port of Porto Novo underwent expansion and modernisation works, and now has 245 metres of mooring berth and capacity to receive medium-sized cruise ships.

The port was also equipped with a marine terminal, the largest and most modern in Cabo Verde, with capacity to accommodate 250,000 passengers per year comfortably and also has two roll-on/roll-off ramps, one of which is concrete and the other metal.

The local authorities in Santo Antão have been requesting a second phase of the expansion of the port, in order to be able to receive larger cruise ships. (macauhub)