Brazil should give China priority on trade, seminar concludes

6 September 2018

The Brazilian government should propose a long-term cooperation agreement that gives China priority over all other trading partners, was one of the conclusions of the first day of the Brazil-China seminar, organised by the Folha de São Paulo newspaper.

The seminar was sponsored by the Brazilian Agency for the Promotion of Exports and Investments (Apex Brasil), distributor Caoa Chery and Banco Modal and supported by the Brazilian National Industry Confederation (CNI).

Roberto Brant, president of the CNA Institute of the Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock, said that the interests of the two countries should converge more and more, “making long-term cooperation more necessary.”

“China will need to increase imports due to physical constraints and because its agricultural structure prevents large production growth in the future,” Brant was quoted as saying.

Eduardo Leão, executive director of the Sugar Cane Industry Union (Unica), underlined the importance of private sector support in an agreement such as the one proposed, saying that the joint efforts of government and companies make Brazil stronger for dialogue with China.

This official recalled that integration between government and companies has already occurred in the case of sugar exports when the Chamber of Foreign Trade made public its decision to consult the World Trade Organisation regarding the surcharge applied by China.

The seminar continues on Thursday with the participation of Brazil’s foreign minister and the Chinese ambassador to Brazil, with two panels, focusing on Chinese investment and Brazilian competitiveness and a second on Brazil-China cooperation for innovation. (macauhub)