Zhejiang’s experience in the maritime economy is important to Macau

19 September 2018

Macau will be able to take advantage of Zhejiang province’s experience in the maritime economy in order to improve the management and development of the sector, said the Macau Chief Executive during a meeting in the special administrative region with the secretary of the Hangzhou Municipal Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, Zhou Jiangyong.

Chui Sai On made the statements at a time when the medium and long-term planning (2016-2036) of the use and development of the maritime areas of Macau is underway.

The Chief Executive considered that the recent rapid development of Zhejiang in the maritime economy and smart cities could serve as a reference to Macau in acquiring new experiences and knowledge.

Chui also recalled that cooperation between the Macau government and the Hangzhou-based Alibaba Group aims to take advantage of Hangzhou’s experience and cloud computing services as a way to support the construction of Macau as a smart city.

Zhou Jiangyong took advantage of the meeting to talk about the development of Hangzhou, including experiences in the balance between landfill development and environmental protection.

Zhejiang province, whose capital is Hangzhou, covers an area of 101,000 square kilometres, has a population of 56 million people, and is bordered to the north by Jiangsu and Shanghai, to the northwest by Anhui, to the west Jiangxi, to the south Fujian, and to the east by the China Sea. (macauhub)