Angola facilitates cross-border trade

11 October 2018

Angola has introduced legislation to facilitate small-scale cross-border trade with neighbouring countries, such as the Democratic Republic of Congo and Namibia, including agricultural and industrial goods, according to the Regional Coordination of Legis-PALOP+TL.

With the approval of a new presidential decree, procedures to exempt foreign trade operations carried out by residents of border areas in Angola began to apply from 11 September.

Border trade is thus exempt from payment of customs duties if it is for self-consumption or involves subsistence goods, provided that their total value does not exceed the national minimum wage, per day and per beneficiary, and are not for commercial use.

The exemption covers products obtained from agriculture, fishing and livestock in Angolan territory, industrial products manufactured in Angolan territory and also imported food products.

This exceptional scheme excludes systematic trade in products which are presumed to have a commercial purpose, as well as commercial operations whose quantity and value exceed the limits indicated above, which are covered by the rules relating to foreign trade operations.

Also excluded are the import, export and re-export of goods and services between Angola and neighbouring countries that do not fall within the scope of this Regulation, which are subject to the licensing regime on foreign trade operations.

Products such as cement and clinker, fuels and their derivatives and products subject to the protection of fauna and flora are not covered. (macauhub)