Israeli company awarded contract in Mozambique

12 October 2018

Mottech Water Solutions Ltd has been awarded a contract in Mozambique to provide a wireless irrigation solution, for the first time, Israeli telecommunication group MTI Wireless Edge Ltd. said.

The contract also stipulates that the IT solution will be delivered in phases, with an initial value of 1 million rand (US$68,200) and a total estimated value of 5 million rand (US$341,000).

Mottech Water Solutions develops systems that help farmers to irrigate and fertilize plantations at a distance, allowing for the use of available resources in a very precise way.

The statement released by the group stresses that Mozambique, which has 3.9 million agricultural plots, represents a market for this type of solution worth 1 billion rand (US$68.2 million).

Mottech Water Solutions has been present in the South African market for 10 years, with the company’s coard currently focused on expanding business to neighbouring countries by selecting representatives.

The MTI Wireless Edge group, established in 1972, is a world leader in the development and production of high-quality, low-cost antennas for both civilian and military applications. (macauhub)