Transinsular awarded tender for inter-island sea transport in Cabo Verde

19 October 2018

Transinsular – Transportes Marítimos Insulares has been awarded the international public tender for the management and operation of the public service of maritime transport of passengers and cargo between the islands of Cabo Verde, according to official announcement.

The statement issued by the government of Cabo Verde also said the first phase of the tender selected the companies CV Line Transporte Marítimo, Transinsular, SA & Transinsular, Lda, West Africa Shipping Line, ANEK Line SA & Marlow Navigation Co, Ltd.

At the next stage, successful candidates were notified to submit proposals by 27 September 2018, and West African Shipping Line, ANEK Line SA & Marlow Navigation Co, Ltd. and Transinsular, SA & Transinsular, Lda sent in proposals.

“The jury decided not to accept the proposal of West African Shipping Line, ANEK Line SA & Marlow Navigation Co, Ltd., for failing to comply with the conditions set out in the tender programme and in the invitation to tender,” said the statement from the Cape Verdean government.

The statement added that “the maritime transport market in Cabo Verde remains open to the current operators,” which means that “the exclusivity regime for the future concessionaire will not restrict the market to a single operator, but rather this is the public service that the State is obliged to provide.”

The same statement added that “the Inter-Islands Public Maritime Shipping Service (SPTMII) has reserved to the current inter-island shipping operators a minimum holding of 25% of the future concessionaire’s capital, which will be dispersed through the Stock Exchange, thus allowing at least a quarter of the SPTMII’s earnings be held by nationals.”

Shipping company Transinsular – Transportes Marítimos Insulares is part of the Portuguese group Empresa de Tráfego e Estiva (ETE). (macauhub)