China available to invest in development of Angola’s industrial sector

23 November 2018

The government of China is willing to invest in the development of Angola’s industrial sector, taking advantage of the country’s agricultural and livestock potential, said ambassador Cui Aimin in the city of Huambo on Thursday.

China’s ambassador to Angola was soeaking at the end of a visit to projects developed under bilateral cooperation and by Chinese companies.

Cui Aimin also said that the aim, under the cooperation agreements signed between the two governments, is to support the industrialisation of Angola related to the agricultural sector.

The ambassador recalled that an agricultural project in an area of ​​2,000 hectares is being developed in the municipality of Chicala-Cholohanga, Huambo province, based on funding of US$15 million.

This project, currently in its initial phase, is being implemented by Jiangsu Jiangzhou Agricultural Science & Technology Development Co. which has already planted 800 hectares of maize, 200 of soybeans, 25 of rice and two of sisal, and the next phase, the date of which has yet to be announced, will be the livestock component.

Cui Aimin noted that the province of Huambo could achieve many advantages from the implementation of cooperation agreements between the two countries, because of its agricultural, livestock and industrial potential. (macauhub)