China’s investments in Mozambique should boost productive capacity – ambassador

28 November 2018

China’s investments in Mozambique should be give priority to projects that promote productive capacity, Ambassador Maria Gustava said in an interview with English-language magazine Macao.

These projects, especially in the areas of agriculture, transport, infrastructure, energy and economic and industrial parks, are fundamental due to the potential domino effect that they represent for the economic growth of a developing country such as Mozambique, said the country’s ambassador to China.

Gustava also said that investing in small and medium-sized enterprises is very important because of their contribution to the country’s economy and the social well-being of Mozambicans, by increasing family income and promoting employment.

“Most of our business sector is working at the level of small and medium-sized companies, which is why we believe that their financing will create conditions for the expansion and fortification of the economy,” Gustava said in the November issue of Macao Magazine.

The ambassador also noted the role of Macao as a platform between China and Portuguese-speaking countries, saying that the establishment of Forum Macau “has further consolidated the strong historical ties between member countries.”

Macau has, in fact, served as a platform for cooperation between China and the group of countries that Mozambique is part of, “which has contributed to the strengthening of economic, commercial, investment and business cooperation,” said the diplomat.

Gustava also highlighted the special attention that Mozambique has been giving to the role played by Macau by participating in the programmes and projects that are being developed, such as exchange of visits, participation in seminars to promote investment and business, staff training in different areas and cultural exchange. (macauhub)